DIY Repair Damage

With DIY repairs, often comes the risk of damaging the device you're working on. Which can be a total pain! A simple torn cable or cracked LCD is a simple fix with no extra specialised tools necessary. But damage to the motherboard is a whole other world. Requiring very specific equipment, not to mention a whole heap of patience.

It's very easy to damage iPad and iPhone connectors for the battery, LCD and Touch Screen during the repair process if done incorrectly. These connectors then need to be removed from the board, and a new one installed. LCD and Digitizer connectors have dozens of miniscule legs which all need to be lined up perfectly and need to soldered onto equally miniscule pads in order to work correctly. This work is carried out with a high powered stereo microscope and a very fine high quality soldering iron.

Other small components (some of which are only 1mm in length), can be accidently knocked off the mother board with a pry tool or a fingernail. This is very common with an iPhone 5 battery replacement, causing both the home button and the power / lock button to stop working.

Another big one is backlight failure in iPads (especially iPad Mini), caused by not shutting the device down correctly before disconnecting the LCD Display. This will usually blow the backlight filter (fuse), and sometimes will also blow a diode as well. these can all be replaced with the right equipment.

Get in touch if you need help with these issues or anything similar!

+Shaun Leacy