iPad Repairs

iPad repairs are perhaps one of the most poorly carried out repairs by repairers.


When someone is doing an $80 iPad screen replacement, there are going to be corners cut and poor quality parts used. And you will often only get a 30-90 day warranty on the part. You really do get what you pay for. People need to be aware that when obtaining quotes, there are different levels of quality.

When corners are cut, it leads to a few major issues down the line. The main one being a lifting screen caused by an inadequate adhesive or improper preparation of the surfaces being adhered together (Glass and Frame). This type of problem can also be caused by a dented frame which hasn't been altered correctly in order to allow the new screen to sit correctly. I see these problems all the time when iPads come to me after they have been elsewhere. This also weakens the new screen as it isn't evenly adhered to the frame. It's like incorrectly bracing a wall when building a house.

Attention to detail when working on an iPad is paramount. If you have had a screen replaced and notice that beneath the new screen are fingerprints and/or dust, glass etc, this isn't good enough. This lack of care is concerning. It's a "good enough" attitude which shouldn't be tolerated. This holds true also for the plastic bezel which runs around the glass on an iPad 2, 3 or 4. Often repairers won't replace this even if they have knocked it all out of shape while getting the old screen off. It's a sign of a second rate repair.


All other iPad repairs still have the above apply to them as the touch screen needs to be removed in order to do any work on the inside. And so will need to be put back correctly.

The main issue I see with other iPad repairs though is just one, which is more to do with attitude and lack of responsibility. When quoting for an iPad Charge Port replacement, or an iPad battery replacement etc, a repairer will include "There is a high risk of damaging the glass while removing it, so if that happens, you (the customer) will have to pay for a new screen"!?! This is totally wrong! It's my belief that if a repairer damages ANY part of a device while carrying out ANY repair, it is their responsibility to rectify any problems which they may have caused. And if they can't carry out a repair successfully, then perhaps this isn't the industry for them.

Just some thoughts to take into consideration when looking to have your iPad repaired.

Take care.

+Shaun Leacy