Warranty Period

There seems to be a vast range of warranty given on mobile phone repairs and tablet / iPad repairs. From as little as 30 days right up to 12 months.

The amount of warranty given speaks volumes in regards to the quality of parts used, and the desire of a repairer to offer any kind of after sales support.

If you are given a 30 day warranty on a "new" product, such as a replacement screen or other replacement part, then you need to ask yourself why? After 30 days has passed, and the part fails again at no fault of your own then you're up for the cost of having it repaired again. That's on top of the inconvenience of having to arrange it all a second time.

Obviously, even with the best quality parts, from time to time there will be failures... that's the nature of electronics. But the rate of defectiveness, is less by a long way.

Mobile Phone Repair Warranty

I find it crazy that anyone can offer a mobile phone repair service but only give 30 day - 3 month warranty on the part they are putting in. They are effectively saying "Ok, I have fixed your device, you can take it, but I can't guarantee it will last much longer than 3 months, and if it does fail after that time, then you're on your own"! I doubt this mentality exists in any other industry.

A 12 month warranty on NEW parts should be standard. Perhaps with the option of less warranty on "refurbished" or "used" parts, but with total transparency.

Just a thought.

+Shaun Leacy