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iPhone Repair Newcastle

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All repairs covered by an INDUSTRY LEADING 12 month warranty

iPhone Repair Newcastle specialise in mobile phone, tablet, laptop, media player and PDA scanner repairs.
All brands and models can be repaired including  Apple iPhones,  iPads,  iPods,   MacBooks,   Samsung Phones & Tablets,   Blackberry,   Nokia,   LG,   Sony Erricson,  HTC,  Asus,  Microsoft Surface Tablets, Laptops, Senter PDA Barcode Scanners and more.

iPhone Repair Newcastle is currently the only local repairer in the Newcastle area who offers Micro Soldering Services. Over the past few years iPhone Repair Newcastle has become the preferred iPhone and iPad Logic Board repairer for many repair stores Australia Wide.

Specialising in liquid damage data recovery services for iPhones, and component level MacBook, iPhone and iPad Logic Board repair. As well as odd repairs such as fixing damaged USB Flash Drives.

One of the longest running repairers in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie areas, iPhone Repair Newcastle has built a reputation focused on attention to detail, honesty and reliability. Only using the best quality parts available with an industry leading full 12 month warranty on all repairs. Also with a no fix - no fee policy.

iPhone Repair Newcastle is a trusted repairer of many local organizations, including schools, businesses, rental companies and councils.

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All types of repairs can be performed including:

- iPhone Motherboard Repair

- iPad Motherboard Repair

- Macbook Motherboard Repair

- Screen Replacement

- Speaker (earpiece & loudspeaker) Replacement

- Microphone Replacement

- iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC

- Dock Connector / Charge Port Replacement

- Home Button Replacement

- Power / Lock Button Repair

- Volume / Mute Switch Replacement

- Camera Replacement

- Battery Replacement

- WiFi / Signal issue Repairs

- Water Damage Diagnostic and Data Recovery

- Microsoldering - Connector Damage Repair -

Replacement of damaged LCD Connector, Digitizer Connector and other connectors.

- Component Level Motherboard Repair - Replacement of Touch IC, charging Tristar / Hydra / U2 IC etc

- SIM Card Reader Replacement

- Backight Circuit Repair (ie. iPad Mini No Backlight after Screen Replacement)

- Macbook Liquid Damage Repair

- ...and more

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Water Damage - Data Recovery Service

If you have dropped your phone in the sink, or jumped into a pool with it in your pocket, or put it through the wash, there is a good chance of retrieving the data off the phone even though it is completely dead.

In most cases I will only approach liquid damaged devices from a data recovery point of view.  Sometimes doing the repairs necessary for data recovery may also result in a fully functioning phone... but not always. Full functionality can't be guaranteed.

Devices can be mailed in if you are not local.

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Laptop Screen Repair Newcastle

... not just mobile phones and tablets

Fix Your Damaged or Faulty Laptop LCD / LED Screen Now

iPhone Repair Newcastle also specialises in laptop screen replacements. All brands and models including Acer , Apple (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air), Asus , Compaq , Dell , Fujitsu , HP , Lenovo , LG , Samsung , Sharp , Sony , Toshiba and more...

Laptop Screen Replacement Newcastle

Other hardware repairs include

  • LED / LCD Screen Replacement

  • Keyboard Replacement

  • Touchpad Replacement

  • Battery Replacement

  • RAM Upgrades / Replacements

  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Fan Replacements

  • Hinge Replacement

  • DC Power Socket Replacement

  • No Backlight Repair

  • Motherboard Repairs

  • and more...

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  • Fast friendly and fixes iPhones, basically all that you would expect from the manufacturer but will never get.
    — Ian Rufford
  • Awesome same day service, highly recommended at a good price.
    — Leon Sheriff
  • Thanks for the fast repair and for fitting it in. Great service and doesn't even look like it's been fixed :-)
    — Manda Davison
  • Quick service fast response… quality work and great price!!
    — Josh Hilton
  • So happy to have my phone fixed perfectly by Shaun!!! He was the only person I could find who is skilled enough to fix an Xperia Z3 screen! Such a fast repair.. Thanks heaps Shaun.. Your a legend!!
    — Ash Egan
  • Amazing quality, fast & incredible results! recommending to everyone!
    — Rachel Foster
  • This fella is Awesome!! My daughter has an iPhone it was bent, had a cracked screen, needed a new battery, and a new button at the front of the phone and it was all done in less then 40 minutes!! Now that's what I call quick prompt service!! Thank you iPhone Repair Newcastle I now have one happy girl which equals one happy mummy!! :)
    — Lisa Maree
  • Awesome. Quick and reliable. Recommended
    — Ian Sheppard
  • Fast and reliable service. My phone is working perfectly, evidently, he knows what he's doing! Very decent pricing, wouldn't bother going anywhere else. Highly recommend.
    — Daniel Dean
  • Shaun was excellent! He communicated with me regularly and made our very smashed iPad screen perfect! It is now in 'as new' condition and has been given a 2nd life!! Thanks Shaun! A very happy customer!
    — Julie Kiyega
  • Only guy to deal with. Shaun has been doing all my work for years. Highly recommend.
    — Chad Busteed (Affordable Plastering)
  • Extremely happy with service and replacement of my iPhone screen. All done within the hour.
    — Michelle Burgess
  • I can't recommend Shaun enough. Prompt and friendly service at the right price. Thanks for fixing my iPhone mate. Was sent to Apple who found nothing wrong with it but you fixed it in a morning. Well done.
    — Simon Macks
  • Thank you! Extremely reliable and fantastic service! Highly recommended!
    — Kristy Westley
  • Had my screen done twice with Shaun. Last time he damn near rebuilt the whole phone. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.
    — Calan Brown
  • Great service!!! Problem fixed first time! Highly recommended!!!
    — Sean Price
  • Reliable, Friendly EXCELLENT Service - Highly Recommend!!!
    — Kim Scott
  • Thanks a lot for fixing my damaged screen. Great service.
    — Elizabeth McCoy
  • Fast and efficient. Very affordable
    — Dawn Wells
  • Great service provided, quick turn around. Thank you.
    — Amber Chaseling

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ASUS T200 Keyboard / Docking Connector Problem Repair

Keyboard not connecting / not working

I am finding this is quite a common problem with the Asus T200 Transformer Laptop / Tablet. Where the keyboard, or components of it will stop working and stop communicating with the tablet.

In most cases it's caused by broken solder joints as seen in this video...

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ASUS T200 Screen Replacement

Another very common repair among school kids who are part of the BYOD scheme. This is a very common Laptop / Tablet. Get in touch to discuss any laptop screen replacement requirements.

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iPad Air Touch Screen Replacement

This is a screen repair on a 1st generation iPad Air.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

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